At the first government and enterprise earnest talks in Huzhou City, Wang Jianglin, president of the Zhejiang Chair Industry Association, offered suggestions and suggestions for building a green, low-carbon and common prosperity
2022/8/6 14:32:11

        On the afternoon of June 8, the first "Pro-Qing Express Train Government-Enterprise Earnest Discussion Meeting" in Huzhou City in 2022 was held. Chen Hao, secretary of the Huzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Sun Xianlong, director of the Standing Committee of the Huzhou Municipal People's Congress, Li Shangkui, chairman of the Huzhou Municipal COMMITTEE of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and leaders of units at all levels in urban areas and counties attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Jianglin, President of Zhejiang Chair Industry Association, as a representative of entrepreneurs, was invited to participate in this meeting and deliver a speech.

Wang Jianglin first expressed his honor and gratitude for being able to participate in this meeting. Focusing on how to achieve the goal of "striving to build a green, low-carbon, and commonly prosperous socialist modern new Huzhou", the following suggestions are put forward:

Optimization policy: Support enterprises to carry out energy-saving and carbon-reduction technical transformation

In recent years, in order to implement the "double carbon" goal and reduce the capacity of environmental protection and sewage discharge, manufacturing enterprises have invested a lot of money in energy conservation and carbon reduction technology, and it is recommended that the government can optimize and improve on the basis of existing policies, so that "government care" becomes "policy dry goods".

Government procurement: Promote the localization of green household products

Green home is a pillar industry supported by Huzhou's "4210" modern industrial system and Anji's "2+5" industrial system. It is recommended that the financial department take the lead in including green household products in the catalog of products or plans purchased by the municipal and county governments, strive to be included in the pilot activities of green homes going to the countryside, and turn the "gold content" of the policy into the "productivity" to support the development of enterprises.

Classification guidance: Promote cooperation between upstream and downstream of the supply chain

In the post-epidemic era, only by establishing a complete industrial chain can we have market dominance. Taking Anji as an example, There are more than 700 chair enterprises in Anji, of which about 300 are regulated enterprises and more than 100,000 employees, which is the first pillar industry of Anji and a typical common prosperity industry. It is hoped that the government and industry authorities will encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their internal vitality, improve product quality and technical standards, improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, make the industry bigger and stronger, eliminate the backward production capacity of "low and small scattered", and build a complete and high-quality whole industrial chain and supply chain system.

Introduction of talents: to the maximum possible to the production enterprises tilted

In recent years, governments at all levels have taken effective measures to introduce a large number of outstanding talents to Huzhou to start a business, bringing vitality to the development of Huzhou. Based on the needs of the development strategy, this year Henglin launched the "Green Shoots" project, planning to introduce about 60 college students every year as a talent reserve for enterprises to achieve high-quality development. It is recommended that the government guide college students to work in enterprises as a key direction, and give preference to enterprises when formulating policies such as housing subsidies, children's schooling, and individual tax reductions and exemptions.