The first China (Anji) Chair Industry and Upholstered Furniture Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneur Summit was successfully concluded
2022/8/6 14:08:26

In order to better serve member enterprises and help enterprises solve the current order demand problems, on May 17, Zhejiang Chair Industry Association and Ningbo Home Furnishing Industry Association held the China (Anji) Chair Industry and Upholstered Furniture Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneur Summit in Anji. Wang Jianglin, President of Zhejiang Chair Industry Association, Zhang Huazhong, Secretary General of Zhejiang Chair Industry Association, enterprise representatives of Chair Industry Association and representatives of Ningbo cross-border e-commerce enterprises attended the meeting. The summit was presided over by Chai Shan, head of cross-border e-commerce of Ningbo Home Furnishing Industry Association.

Wang Jianglin, president of Zhejiang Chair Industry Association, first delivered a welcome speech. He said that holding the "China (Anji) Chair Industry and Upholstered Furniture Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneur Summit" aims to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, win the opportunity in the fierce market competition, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and also take this as an opportunity to hope that the two sides can find a cooperation path and method to lay a solid foundation for the Anji green home industry to go global and jointly create more "single champions" and world-class brands in the field of cross-border e-commerce of Chinese furniture. 

       Subsequently, eBay, Tuya, Lege Overseas Warehouse, and Cross-Service shared their respective special products and development prospects online, allowing more enterprises to understand the development of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce.

After the sharing, cross-border sellers and core factories entered in-depth discussions through five aspects, such as their respective characteristic products, enterprise research and development strength, current main research and development directions, single products that are more optimistic in the general foreign trade field, and the future development direction of categories.

Figure丨 Representatives of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Ningbo

Figure丨 Chair Industry Association enterprise representatives

Some enterprise representatives of Anji said that while learning more about cross-border e-commerce knowledge, they also hope to break through themselves, let enterprises go overseas, expand export sales, build brand influence overseas, upgrade and transform their enterprises from traditional models, break through bottlenecks, and vigorously develop cross-border e-commerce.

This event built a high-end sharing platform between core large sellers and high-quality R&D core manufacturers, hoping to overcome the risks and challenges encountered on the way forward and work together to promote the high-quality development of the green home furnishing industry.