Inherit the classics of traditional Chinese studies and promote the high-quality development of Anji's green home industry chain
2022/7/21 17:15:18

On the afternoon of July 13, the Anji Green Home Industry Chain High-quality Development Capability Improvement Conference of the "Ten Chains and 100,000 Enterprises" series of activities jointly organized by the Anji County Economic and Information Technology Bureau and the Zhejiang Chair Industry Association was successfully held in Anji County Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park.

Fu Haifei, secretary of the party committee and director of the Anji County Economic and Information Technology Bureau

At the meeting, Fu Haifei, secretary of the party committee and director of the Anji County Economic and Information Technology Bureau, pointed out that the green home furnishing industry, as an important pillar industry in our county, has been accelerating the development of the green home industry strong chain supplement chain extension project in recent years, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting high-quality industrial development. Since the beginning of this year, due to the repeated epidemics, geopolitical conflicts, rising raw material prices, maritime prices are still at a high level and other factors, the green home furnishing industry is facing greater downward pressure. The more difficult it is, the more we must strengthen our confidence, the more difficult it is, the more we must practice our internal skills, and the more difficult it is, the more we must unite the government and enterprises.

CppcC National Committee member Wang Qinfeng

In this event, Professor Wang Qinfeng, an expert in Sinology, was specially invited to give a special lecture on "Sinology and High-quality Development of Enterprises" for entrepreneurs!

Professor Wang Qinfeng introduced from four aspects: "What is Sinology", "Learning The Classics of Sinology", "Understanding the Concept of Sinology", and "Sinology and High-quality Development of Enterprises". He believes that Sinology is the Chinese nation's own culture, which has accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation and is the rich nourishment for the unceasing development and growth of the Chinese nation. Study well the five national classics of Lao Tzu, Analects, Mencius, University, and Zhongyong, and comprehend the excellent traditional culture of "Tao, Benevolence, Righteousness, Etiquette, Wisdom, Faith, Filial Piety, Loyalty, Honesty, and Shame". Studying Sinology is not only conducive to entrepreneurs' self-cultivation and moral behavior, but also conducive to the high-quality development of enterprises, the creation of wealth, and the benefit of society.

Wang Jianglin, President of Zhejiang Chair Industry Association

All along, Zhejiang Chair Industry Association has always adhered to the fundamental purpose of "serving enterprises, serving the government, serving the society, and promoting the development of the industry", and giving full play to the role of bridges. President Wang Jianglin said that in the face of the current complex and severe global economic situation, the association is proactive, closely follows the overall situation of development, does practical things for enterprises, and solves problems. I believe that with the joint efforts of all entrepreneurs, we will eventually overcome the difficulties and create a new situation of high-quality development.